Saltfish Fritters

A Caribbean favourite, salted codfish fritters, served with sweet chilli mayo


Plantain Fritters

Sweet plantain fritters, served with tamarind BBQ sauce


Jerk Wings

Succulent Jerk Wings covered in Tamarind BBQ sauce


Mango Jerk Wings

Succulent Jerk Wings served with mango sauce.


Coconut Peppered Prawns

Shell-on prawns served in our homemade spicy pepper sauce


Mixed Starter Platter

Pick any three of the above to share with friends


Mac & Cheese


Blackeye Pea Humus

A super creamy twist on traditional Hummus


Chickpea Loaded Jerk Chips

Loaded jerk Chips topped with Chickpea Channa red Onion, Peppers and Corriander

Small £6.95 Large £9.95

Curry Goat Loaded Jerk Chips

Loaded jerk Chips topped with Boneless Curry Goat red Onion, Peppers and Coriander

Small £8.95 Large £11.95

Fried Dumplings


From the charcoal grill

Jerk Chicken (1/4)

Delicious chicken seasoned in our homemade marinade served with Jerk Gravy and two sides of your choice.


BBQ Chicken (1/4)

Delicious chicken seasoned in our homemade marinade served with BBQ sauce and two sides of your choice


Big Up!

BIG UP any of these Chicken dishes


BBQ Beef Rib

Tender and sweet beef rib seasoned in our own homemade rub served with BBQ Tamarind sauce and two sides of your choice



Whole Chicken Feast Platter

Whole succulent Jerk Chicken or BBQ chicken with a choice of any four Rhythm Sides

£39.55 (6 sides)

Grilled Chicken Platter

A family feast with ¼ Jerk, ¼ BBQ Chicken and Jerk Wings, with a choice of any four RhythmSides.

£39.55 (6 sides)


Jerked Whole Fish Of The Day

Grilled or steamed whole fish, served with two sides of your choice


Grilled Salmon

Jerk marinated salmon, grilled and served with two sides of your choice


Braised Oxtail

A Caribbean special – slow-cooked oxtail in a rich sauce with butter beans, carrots and dumplings, served with two sides of your choice


Curry Goat

Authentic Caribbean curry slowly cooked to perfection, served with two sides of your choice


Curry Goat Roti

Traditional Caribbean flatbread filled with Curry Goat


Tamarind Duck Leg

Roasted Duck leg with ginger, and tamarind sauce. Served with a Yam Mash



Ragga Stew

Mild red kidney bean stew with carrots, plantain, yam, potatoes & homemade dumplings, served with Rice & Peas


Chick Pea Channa

Savoury Trinidadian chickpea-and-potato curry, served with Rice & Peas or roti


Plantain Lasagne (VE)

Layers of plantain slices with coconut white sauce and a tomato-based stew with chickpeas, carrots, cauliflower,
red and green peppers, topped with
Panko Bread Crumbs. Served with one side of your choice.


Kids Meals

BBQ or Jerk Chicken Drumsticks or BBQ Wings

Served with chips or Rice & Peas and salad



Rhythm Sides

Rice & Peas(ve),
Basmati Rice (ve),
Jerk Chips(v),
Fried Plantain(v),
Steamed Vegetables(ve),
Mixed Salad(ve),
Yam Mash (v)

£3.95 (each)

Pot of Sauce

BBQ Sauce or Jerk Gravy

£1.10 (each)



Please ask our staff about ingredients in your meal when you order

NEW: Happy Hour Cocktails

2 Cocktails for £14  excl. Zombie and Bounty Killer.

Tue-Sun 5pm-8pm

Rum Punch

Super refreshing cocktail, made with Del’s own recipe


Mango Daiquiri

A deliciously sweet and fruity cocktail, made with mango puree, rum, Cointreau, lime juice and ice



Not for the faint-hearted; a mix of four rums, pineapple juice, apricot brandy, orange juice, and grenadine


Sorrel Colada

Tropical delight based on sorrel (hibiscus),
ginger, coconut, pineapple and lime juice and a blend
of white and spiced rums


Bounty Killer

St Lucia’s finest rums coming at ya real hard. Bounty’s White, Dark and Coconut plus Wray & Nephew, shaken with orange liqueur, pineapple and lime juice, grenadine & passion fruit


Mai Tai

Going strong since the 40s. Jamaica’s Appleton Estate 8yr, Grand Marnier, Orgeat (almond syrup) & lime juice


Rum Runner

Filled with island vibes, a lovely combination of dark rum, blackberry liqueur, crème de banana liqueur, orange and pineapple juice, and grenadine


Pina Colada

Sweet, creamy and bursting with fruity flavours. A blend of Rum, coconut & pineapple juice, served over ice


Twisted Daiquiri

A daiquiri with a twist. White Damoiseau, a fine Agricole rum from Guadeloupe, blended with lime, pineapple, vanilla and sugar syrup


NEW: Nuclear Daiquiri

Delicious and boozy combination of overproof rum, Agricole Rhum, lime, and passionfruit.


NEW: Sunset Martini

You won’t care if it’s shaken not stirred.
A delightful blend of white rum, coconut rum,
pineapple juice, and grenadine syrup.



Virgin Pina Colada

Tropical pineapple juice, coconut cream, and fresh lime


Green Garden

Cucumber, lime, fresh mint, elderflower cordial, and soda



Refreshing orange and mango juice, passionfruit syrup, lime, and grenadine


NEW: Tropical Sizzler

A refreshing tropical mix of sorrel, limeade, mango, and passionfruit.



Roceno Grillo

Fruity and well balanced Sicilian wine goes well with fish and vegetarian dishes.

£6.45  glass / £24.00 bottle

Torresella Pinot Grigo

Dry crisp white from the Veneto region of Italy goes well with spicy foods

£6.95 glass / £28.00 bottle


Roceno Syrah

The most “Sicilian” of grapes, full of character, goes well with meat dishes and desserts.

£6.45 glass / £24.00 bottle


Dark, fruity wine from Southern Italy

£6.95 glass / £28.00 bottle


Torresella Pinot Grigo

Light, vibrant and fresh with hints of citrus fruits and wild berries

£6.45 glass / £24.00 bottle


Ask for our specialist rum menu

We have over 130 rums from the Caribbean and around the world




Red Stripe


Local Guest Lager


Guinness Punch


Non-Alcoholic Beer



Still or Sparkling Water

£2.50 (0.33l)
£3.65 (0.75l)

Coca Cola,
Diet Coke,
Ginger Beer



Fruit Punch, Sorrell, Limeade



Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Mango Juice



Filter Coffee, Ginger Tea, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Peppermint Tea, Green Tea



Tue – Thur – 17:00 – 22:00
Fri & Sat – 13:00 – 22:00
Sunday – 13.00-21.00


257 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London, E17 9PT


020 8520 6112 | E17@rhythmkitchen.co

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