Rhythm Kitchen: The best Caribbean food in London

Taking over Walthamstow with our Caribbean food

The last couple months have been amazing for us at Rhythm Kitchen. The love we have been receiving is unreal and appreciated so much. The Walthamstow community has made us feel very welcome and our customers have had so many great things to say about us. Our core values are started to be noticed by many customers, and this has left many a lot of our customers feeling impressed with the quality of our Caribbean food, portion sizes and attentive service.

Paul said “This is a great addition to the Walthamstow food scene. Very friendly and welcoming. Nice ambience and good background music. Generous portions of authentic, tasty Caribbean food.”

Great Caribbean food in Walthamstow

“The most delicious food I have eaten”

One of the great benefits of having a restaurant in Westfield Stratford City is the different cultures we get to be part of, day in day out. Westfield Stratford City is a go-to place for many local Londoners and tourists, which results in many people coming and trying Rhythm Kitchen as their first introduction to Caribbean food, and not to blow our own trumpet, but what a great place to represent Caribbean food.

Many first-timers have visited Rhythm Kitchen and left us with amazing reviews explaining their findings and how shocked they are to find out Caribbean food is so delicious. Eila said “It was the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten”

Rhythm Kitchen the most delicious Jerk Chicken

At Rhythm Kitchen we focus on making the best Caribbean food. We are so thankful to all of you that have taken the time to leave such great reviews for us and also a big thank you to our great team that help to make each and every one of your experiences as special as possible.

-Rhythm Kitchen-

What makes us different

Having served Caribbean food for over seven years and recently opening our Walthamstow branch the media have been interested to find out what makes Rhythm Kitchen so special and why we are different from other Caribbean restaurants.

A twist on the classics

The Jerkfather (Delroy) pays homage to his Caribbean and British experiences, combining the two to create Rhythm Kitchen. Whilst we have kept the traditional British Caribbean dishes i.e. curry goat & jerk chicken, we have also introduced some unusual Caribbean classics such as braised oxtail. This approach has lead us to be excepted within London as an authentic Caribbean restaurant.

Inside Rhythm Kitchen

When you step into Rhythm Kitchen you can tell by the décor that we are onto something different. The first thing you see when you step through the door is our bar with 70 varieties of rum, set in modern space with cool black and white photos featuring musicians, writers, artists and well-loved celebrities from the UK, Caribbean and African diaspora placed in the walls. Our shop has a minimalist feel to it, which is very laid back, to let our food do all the talking.

Jerking our chicken

When it comes to jerking our chicken, we take this very seriously. Our process could take up to 24 hours. Making sure the chicken has rested in our homemade jerk seasoning is just as important as making the seasoning consistently great. Once the flavours have soaked into the chicken it’s then time to BBQ our chicken.

So how are we different?

Caribbean food has always been known to be filling a flavoursome. If you are ready for your taste buds to indulge in great flavours, from our jerk chicken to our salt fish fritters, click here, or call 0208 520 6112.

Where have the years gone? 

In 2011 when we opened our first Rhythm Kitchen concession at Westfield Stratford City it’s fair to say we didn’t anticipate how much London would love us and our food. Our aim when we started was to serve mouth-watering authentic Caribbean food in a modern way, marinated and cooked with our owner Del’s very special seasonings. The reviews we have received over the years has been amazing, and the moments we have been blessed to be a part of at Rhythm Kitchen have been truly breath taking – from first dates to hen dos. 

Over the past couple years we have been receiving outstanding reviews online from our customers sharing their experiences of Rhythm Kitchen. One of our customers ‘Fatma Rahmi’ wrote a review on Google my Business even claimed our food made her believe in God!  

Fatma Rahmi 

I had the Jerk Chicken burger at Rhythm and it honestly made me believe in God. It was that good. It was the most succulent thing to have ever touched my mouth. I don’t know what magical powers the staff there have, but OH.MY.GOD. 

As we are still quite a small stand-alone business it means so much to us when our customers take time out of their day to show their appreciation and when they let us know what they think of our food. We always aim to stay consistent in serving generous portions with great flavours, great ambience and great customer service. Our customer Special Kay’ wrote a wicked review outlining his time at Rhythm Kitchen and its far to say we exceeded his expectations! 

Special Kay 

I wanted something to eat and wanted to try something new in the area. Like most people, I read the Google reviews before I headed out and found that there certainly were one or two people whose expectations weren’t met. However, I’m my own man and decided to try them for myself and make up my own mind. I’m so glad I did! The food they offer is (in my experience) THE BEST in the area with service to match. I’m very big on service because, after all part of our bill is paying for that service and they certainly didn’t disappoint! It’s seems as though, they had some teething problems when they first started out (after all, who doesn’t in business), but unlike most, they took it on the chin, addressed the issues and improved. WELL DONE RHYTHM KITCHEN! The food was absolutely delicious, the portions were generous, and the ambiance was just what you’d expect of a West End establishment if you were taking your Mrs out on a date, only this was in Walthamstow. Brilliant! There aren’t many places I’d recommend to eat in Walthamstow for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into here (and I live in the area), but I certainly would recommend these guys. Don’t take the word of a minority of customers whose expectations weren’t met (or who may have had a hidden agenda – who knows). Try it for yourself, I’m sure you’d be pleasantly surprised as I certainly was. They’ll be seeing me again 

With so many great reviews on Google my businessTripadvisor and Facebook. We can’t express how much we appreciate all our customers and we look forward to seeing all of you all! 

We’re Hiring! Rhythm Kitchen E17 Needs Part-Time Waiters & Waitresses!

Part Time Waiting Staff

If building exceptional customer relations comes naturally to you. Come and check out Rhythm Kitchen E17.

So, what will you be doing?

Greet customers warmly and direct them to their tables

Giving customers your undivided attention

Take food and beverage orders and enter them into our system in a timely fashion

Memorise our food and beverage menus and make recommendations to our customers

Provide attentive service to customers by refilling drinks as needed and checking in during meals

Present menu and provide detailed information when asked (e.g. about portions, ingredients or potential food allergies)

Promptly address customer service issues and refer customers to management when necessary

Check customers’ IDs to ensure they meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages

Follow all relevant food safety regulations


What do we offer?

Competitive salary

Family discounts

Minimum Requirements

1+ years’ wait staff restaurant experience

Able to keep up in a fast-paced work environment

Excellent written and verbal skills

Willing to work a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends

Allowed to work in the UK


To apply, get in touch with Delroy Dixon with a copy of your latest CV and a few words about why you’re suited to the job – info@rhythmkitchen.co

Rhythm Kitchen is coming to Walthamstow!

That’s right, the Jerkfather is coming home, bringing a new rhythm and brand new kitchen this May!

We’re honoured to be taking over from Martin Rigg, one local legend taking over from another, to carry the Jerk torch for a new generation at 257 Hoe Street! Where The Jerk Hut used to serve up charcoal-grilled goodness will soon Rhythm Kitchen Walthamstow and you can take away or stick around to enjoy it with us.

If you like what we do in Stratford, you’ll love what we’ve got planned for Walthamstow: the same home-made Jerk goodness but with new special dishes, an epic charcoal grill to give that authentic flavour, all served up in a warm and inviting space which we can’t wait to call home.

Alongside the food, our new place gives us the chance to put together a proper bar, serving up a selection of beers, wines and of course hand-picked selection the Jerkfather’s favourite rums from around the Caribbean and beyond. 63 of them at current count, though we reckon he’ll have a few more by the time we open the doors…

We’ll have more news for you soon so keep your eyes peeled and roll on May!

Reviewing the Kitchen

We work hard to make tasty food to our own special recipes – our Jerk is the way we do, not anyone else’s and we’re a small family-run place in a big shopping centre, up against all those chains and groups So when people them leave reviews for us, we take them serious. Some of them good, some of them great! We goin’ leave the false modesty aside for one minute and share a few of our favourites from the last few months.

First up, Desmond John Hamilton said:

This gem of a restaurant has nothing but beautiful authentic Caribbean cuisine. As a person of Caribbean origin I can’t praise the chefs in this establishment enough. Caribbean food is meant to be tasty spicy, & not the type of food where you need the fire engine nearby to hose you down, that’s exactly what the chefs in this magical Caribbean establishment achieves! Their lamb roti is succulent & beautifully made. The mark of good Caribbean restaurants can be seen when the chef has taken the time to blot away the excess oil of their fried plantains, very nicely done & never too oily. Damn it the Guinness punch is nearly as nice as mines!!!
If you have never ate Caribbean cuisine & your shopping in Westfield Stratford, then you should treat yourself because I’m sure you deserve the best food after your shopping!

Desmond, you’re welcome any time! Not everyone write as much as that, most people just leave a few words, but here are some others we can’t help but share:

“This is a great place to grab a bite when you are shopping. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, great vegan options, that are filling and a nice relaxed atmosphere to eat your food in! The staff are really nice too.”

“The food and flavors are amazing! I’m always satisfied when I eat here. They never disappoint! The jerk ribs are something I would suggest. The plantains are really good, too!”

“Authentic and great tasting food, and value for money. We are very selective about where we eat, and Rhythm Kitchen exceeds expectations in taste & fast service. It’s a welcoming oasis in a busy centre.”

“Great real Jamaican food ! As a Jamaican myself I was very impressed with the food and the quick service. Big up Rhythm Kitchen!”

“Pleasant experience! Very nice authentic food. Cora the server was especially helpful, patient and professional I will recommend this restaurant and make it my regular haunt. Prices reasonable portions good.”

Big smiles, we can’t help it! If you join us and want to share your experience, hit us up on Tripadvisor or Google, we always love to hear from you!

Always ‘Appy To See You!

Wah gwaan! Heard about our new loyalty app, right? The one which gives you points every time you use it  – points which add up to free drinks, food and more!

No? Lucky you! That means you can sign up and get £5 on us to start you off! If you’re up for it you can download for iPhone right here and Android right here – then we get to giving you things!

Black History Month

2017 is the 30th year of Black History Month in the UK and that’s something which can be both celebrated – 30 years of highlighting the contributions made by so many great black men and women – and questioned: if there is to be true equality, why would we separate black history from the rest of world history?

This is the sort of question it’s important to keep hold of but we’re holding firm to celebrating the achievements of people who have been in many cases overshadowed or half-forgotten despite taking humanity forward in so many ways. It also gives us a chance to explore the way the African diaspora has shaped the world, to take a closer look at the way black people have created diverse cultures and influenced so many others. If all this feels a bit heavy, it doesn’t have to – heritage and culture are just other words for living a life informed by the broader community and it can be as simple as the way we mix our spices to an old family recipe or as complex and thought-provoking as the way that black music has shaped pretty much everything you hear on the radio today – and how much of that music was born out of oppression and privation.

We’re going to be spending this month with one eye on the past, shining a light on great black men and women who have gone before us, but the other on the future and how black history is world history. Be great to hear what you think, share with us here or on our social media – this is about all of us!

Guinness Punch

There’s nothing guaranteed to get a party started like a good punch – and there’s nothing better for a true taste of Jamaica than a proper Guinness Punch! There are plenty recipes out there but his is the way we do:
1 Can Draught Guinness
1 Bottle Nigerian Guinness (Stronger flavour)
2 Can Vanilla Nourishment
101 Grams Condense mill Approx 1/3 of a can
40 grams Vanilla Essence (dash )
Pinch of Nutmeg
25 grams Sugar
1 shot of White Rum (optional)

Pour all items into a jug mix well together chill and serve over ice and enjoy! Responsibly of course…

Rum Punch recipe

So the summer got off to a flying start, made us all believe that this island could give us a little taste of Island life. So it’s been a bit more, well, English lately – the best way to bring back the summer is with a good rum punch!
Like a lot of good things, there’s a whole lot of different opinions on where rum punch came from – like it comes from the Sanskrit word pañc – but what pretty much everyone agrees on, is it was sailors who made the first ones which are like the ones we make now. On the old European sailing ships, the crewmen drank a load of beer because water got stale and dangerous on long voyages and the alcohol content made sure that the beer didn’t go that way. Thing was, once you got to somewhere hot the beer would go rancid, leaving the ship without a liquid they could give the crew in bulk. They had ship’s rum of course – plus there was a whole lotta fruit on the islands – so a fruit-based drink too thin out the rum made good sense…
Today like back then, everyone got their own recipe, here’s ours:

500ml Pineapple Juice
500ml Orange juice
grated nutmeg
75 ml Wray & Nephew overproof rum (add more if you want stronger)
Dash of lime
2 tablespoons sugar
47 ml Syrup Strawberry or Grenadine

Because this is so easy to drink, remember to do that responsibly and if you want the real thing, you know where we are…