Brunch every Saturday and Sunday

Brunch: Rhythm Kitchen Style

Brunch is a way of life, and it’s one that we can get behind. It’s laid back, full of laughs and all about the food. We love a good brunch as much as the next person, but we didn’t see any Caribbean-style takes on the meal on the London food scene. That obviously needed to change, so we did something about it.

We recently launched a one-of-a-kind weekend brunch menu. It mixes the flavor and flair of our food with the London brunch culture. Next time you and your mates decide to treat yourself to an indulgent brunch, you’re going to want to get on board with this.

Coconut waffles are the base of our brunch menu. They’ve got that touch of sweetness which brightens up the day and gives it a bit of sun-kissed island life. The waffles can then be topped with fried chicken for a Caribbean-style chicken and waffles dish that is truly a work of art. If chicken isn’t your thing, you can opt for ackee and saltfish, which pairs perfectly with the waffles as well. You can’t go wrong with either option.

And what’s brunch without a few drinks? We find great value in a boozy brunch, which is why we made ours bottomless. Enjoy unlimited prosecco, mango bellinis or rum punch with your meal. The staff will be generous with their pouring for 90 minutes per table, so you’ll get more than your fair share of bubbly.

No need to set an alarm to catch our weekend brunch. To allow for a maximum lie in time, we don’t start serving until 1 p.m., and our brunch menu can be enjoyed until 6 p.m. Brunch isn’t about the time of day, it’s about the experience.

At our brunch, the drinks are flowing, the food is quickly devoured, and everyone is relaxed and happy. That’s what brunch is all about.