Month: February 2019

Happy Hour Sunday to Thursday 6-8pm!

Rhythm Kitchen: A New Kind of Happy Hour

Not all happy hours are created equal. Putting ours together, we only wanted one thing: to make it as happy as possible. So, two for one on cocktails at the best rum bar in East London? That’s quite a lot of happy right there…

So 6-8pm we’re doing just that and running Sunday-Thursday, we can double up on flavor for you in the evening. The weekdays can be tough so you need to unwind. Sure, you can pour a drink and kick your feet up in front of the television, but you do things for yourself all day, let us take care of this one.

Got a cocktail for every mood too – if the weather’s getting you down, order a Mango Daiquiri to take you to sunnier places. If your coworkers are driving you crazy, sweeten your day with a Bahama Mama. And if you’re sick of dealing with a nightmare boss, well, you just might need a Painkiller, a blend of Pusser’s Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juice and nutmeg – served on the rocks.

Looking at the end of the week (Thursday has been the new Friday for a while, right?) it’s impossible to have a bad night when it starts with a Rhythm Kitchen Rum Runner, and for an evening unlike any other, try out our Jamaican The Italian Krazy cocktail, which mixes Disaronno with lime, mint, mango and lemon juice. Join us all weekend from 6 – 8 p.m. for a fun evening with friends or a date night to remember.

We have the happiest happy hour in East London, and it runs seven days a week. If the buy-one-get-one cocktails leave you feeling hungry, use it as an opportunity to try our famous jerk chicken. But if you want to stick with the rum, we won’t hold it against you.