Month: October 2018

Rhythm Kitchen: The best Caribbean food in London

Taking over Walthamstow with our Caribbean food

The last couple months have been amazing for us at Rhythm Kitchen. The love we have been receiving is unreal and appreciated so much. The Walthamstow community has made us feel very welcome and our customers have had so many great things to say about us. Our core values are started to be noticed by many customers, and this has left many a lot of our customers feeling impressed with the quality of our Caribbean food, portion sizes and attentive service.

Paul said “This is a great addition to the Walthamstow food scene. Very friendly and welcoming. Nice ambience and good background music. Generous portions of authentic, tasty Caribbean food.”

Great Caribbean food in Walthamstow

“The most delicious food I have eaten”

One of the great benefits of having a restaurant in Westfield Stratford City is the different cultures we get to be part of, day in day out. Westfield Stratford City is a go-to place for many local Londoners and tourists, which results in many people coming and trying Rhythm Kitchen as their first introduction to Caribbean food, and not to blow our own trumpet, but what a great place to represent Caribbean food.

Many first-timers have visited Rhythm Kitchen and left us with amazing reviews explaining their findings and how shocked they are to find out Caribbean food is so delicious. Eila said “It was the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten”

Rhythm Kitchen the most delicious Jerk Chicken

At Rhythm Kitchen we focus on making the best Caribbean food. We are so thankful to all of you that have taken the time to leave such great reviews for us and also a big thank you to our great team that help to make each and every one of your experiences as special as possible.

-Rhythm Kitchen-