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Mother’s Day is coming up…

Mother’s Day is coming up, which got me thinking about my mum. As someone who owes so much to his mum, I love the excuse to treat her to something nice. And in our house, what that really means is good food. My mum is the one that taught me how to cook, and now it’s something we can do together.

My mum moved from rural Jamaica to England in the early 1960’s. She settled in East London, worked night shifts as a catering assistant at the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham and raised seven kids – that’s a hero if ever there was one. She had some early struggles raising a big family as a single mum, but she never let hard times get in the way of her devilish sense of humour.

I learned to love cooking by watching my mother cook at home. As a little boy, I asked many questions about the dishes she made and what she ate back in Jamaica. I now own my own restaurants, but her homecooked meals are still my favourite things to eat.

My mum isn’t just a mother of seven anymore – she now has 12 grandkids and 17 great grandkids too. Although a lot has changed since I was sitting in her kitchen watching her cook, she has stayed the same strong, independent woman that she’s always been.

This Mother’s Day – whatever you do – treat your mum to something nice. You can never go wrong with a good meal, and if you book for our place, her meal is on the house.

One love,