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Month: August 2017

Guinness Punch

There’s nothing guaranteed to get a party started like a good punch – and there’s nothing better for a true taste of Jamaica than a proper Guinness Punch! There are plenty recipes out there but his is the way we do:
1 Can Draught Guinness
1 Bottle Nigerian Guinness (Stronger flavour)
2 Can Vanilla Nourishment
101 Grams Condense mill Approx 1/3 of a can
40 grams Vanilla Essence (dash )
Pinch of Nutmeg
25 grams Sugar
1 shot of White Rum (optional)

Pour all items into a jug mix well together chill and serve over ice and enjoy! Responsibly of course…

Jamaican Independence Day

The 6th of August is a serious day – Jamaican Independence Day! 1962 seems like a long time ago and not long at all, 55 years of Jamaica making its own way in the world as a sovereign nation, longer than many of us have been around but no time at all for a country…
It’s also been 51 years since the Festival was started by Edward Seaga, showing off some of the amazing art, music and culture the island has to offer. You can see some footage of the first one here. It was put together to bring together – to showcase to a people newly independent that they made (and continue to make) amazing things and to bring people together through the power of that idea.

The song contest has always been a big part and it’s sad that it’s not happening this year – they promise it back next year though so in the meantime, we raised a glass on Sunday and having a listen to a few of these. The winners over the years, especially the early ones, read like a who’s-who Jamaican talent with The Maytals winning three times, Desmond Dekker once and the legend that is Eric Donaldson bagging SIX titles…!

So do yourself a favour and get the tunes on, the rum punch out and of course some serious Jerk cooking on the go. Don’t fancy cooking yourself? You know where we are…